Don't Blame the Dynamite!

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 Original, Rocking, Sultry, and sometimes funny, all on our new CD: "Don't Blame The DYNAMITE...If you can't light the fuse!"

 We have received 4 nominations from the Washington Blues Society 2013 BB (Best of the Blues) Award!  

Here they are:
New Blues Band,  (the RJ Knapp & Honey Robin band)
Blues Songwriter (RJ Knapp)
Best Blues Bass (Robert Baker)
Washington Blues Recording (our CD, "Don't Blame The DYNAMITE...If you can't light the fuse!").
**And special thanks to Rick J Bowen (also voted best drummer)´╗┐, who was on loan from the Stacy Jones band as our drummer on this CD!


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Our New CD
15 songs - 14 originals by RJ Knapp!
$ 15.00



  1. Product Image
    I Call It The Bluz
    $ 0.00
  2. Product Image
    All Cried Out Unknown Artist
    $ 0.99
  3. Product Image
    If The Bluz Was Money
    $ 0.99
  4. Product Image
    Concrete Crawl *BONUS TRACK for our friends outside of Seattle
    $ 0.99
  5. Product Image
    Can't Stand The Heat
    $ 0.99
  6. Product Image
    Don't Walk On Me
    $ 0.99
  7. Product Image
    Ready For Times (To get better)
    $ 0.99
  8. Product Image
    No Tell Motel
    $ 0.99
  9. Product Image
    Moan Dem Bluz
    $ 0.99
  10. Product Image
    Got No Toys! (For you bad girls and boys)
    $ 0.99
  11. Product Image
    Bus Stop Bluz
    $ 0.99
  12. Product Image
    Don't Let Your Mind Be Writing Checks (That your body can't cash)
    $ 0.99
  13. Product Image
    Hole In My Heart
    $ 0.99
  14. Product Image
    $ 0.99
  15. Product Image
    Kirkland Krawl
    $ 0.00
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