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RJ Knapp & Honey Robin

Now booking clubs, festivals, private parties and wherever you need great music!


 4 Nominations from the Washington Blues Society 2013 BB (Best of the Blues) Award  

Best New Blues Band,  (the RJ Knapp & Honey Robin band)
Blues Songwriter (RJ Knapp)
Best Blues Bass (Robert Baker)
Washington Blues Recording (our CD "Don't Blame The DYNAMITE...If you can't light the fuse!").
**And special thanks to Rick J Bowen from the Stacy Jones band as our drummer on the CD


RJ Knapp & Honey Robin, from the greater Seattle,WA area, now in based in Meridian, MS, are emerging as one of the premier, high energy, hard hitting, original and rocking, blues bands, with founder RJ Knapp on lead guitar and vocals, Robin Mahaffey on lead and backup vocals.
We have a show that you won't soon forget, and we can't wait to share it with you!


"Don't Blame The Dynamite...If you can't light the fuse!"

15 Songs, 14 are RJ Knapp ORIGINALS!


Thanks for the great response to Our New Christmas Single CD:

GOT NO TOYS!    (For you bad girls and boys)




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If The Bluz Was Money
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All Cried Out (Unknown Artist) RJ Knapp - Don't Blame The Dynamite... if you can't light the fuse!
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Hole In My Heart
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Can't Stand The Heat
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I Call It The Bluz
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Don't Walk On Me
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Ready For Times (To get better)
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Don't Let Your Mind Be Writing Checks (That your body can't cash)
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Moan Dem Bluz
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Bus Stop Bluz
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Kirkland Krawl
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No Tell Motel
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Concrete Crawl *BONUS TRACK for our friends outside of Seattle RJ Knapp and Honey Robin - Don't Blame The Dynamite if You Can't Light The Fuse
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Got No Toys! (For you bad girls and boys)
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